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Company Overview

We are currently Authorized Distributors for Acer, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Apple, Motorla and other well known brands. We deliver phones from our main warehouse facility in Miami, Florida to every point of sales where we have presence, giving the brands REAL market share as well as delivering satisfaction to our local customers.

Company Distribution

Since 1999 we have been among the top leading Wireless Distributors Worldwide. We have over 10 offices in North, Central and South America. We service network operators, agents, re-sellers, dealers, and retailers. We value all of our customers and always offer the latest technologies.

Logistics Services

We take time to plan and ensure that the entire process of moving products from one location to another meets all your requirements, arrives at the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible rate. From Storage to Transportation, we do it all. We take good care of your products to surpass your expectations.


Weekly deals and wholesale quotes on mobile phones, tablets and accessories. Our specialized tech support team will provide any information you need and will help you with any technical issue.


“ To offer our customers high quality products and professional services, fulfilling their needs in the fastest possible time, guaranteeing their complete satisfaction.”


Fast Shipping

Making sure our customers are the first ones to receive the latest models in the industry is one of our most important goals. Our network of specialists work around the clock to ensure your delivery arrives safely and on